The initial stage of analysing and understanding is fundamental at Quadra Plast. We are proud to have built a team that concentrate every phase of the design. We first provide you with knowledgeable support and design ideas before offering you a top-performing product. Our team strives to gather and understand the important factors which can impact the needed results before presenting any product.

Needs Analysis

Doing business with us means taking advantage of a highly qualified team to execute a complete and personalized analysis of the requested product. Our team meets with you to evaluate all of your needs and makes sure that all factors are taken into consideration before tooling is made.

Analysis of the requested product

Since the design of each product is often unique, these are the steps we follow to achieve the final product.


1) Complete an in-depth analysis of the needed volume, costing, and material.

2) Analyse production, tolerances colors, and applications

3) Supply Cad drawings for the customer approval

4) Have 3d printed prototype made for shape and interdependency verification

5) Create and share complete price quote with all necessary drawings

6) Accept quote and initiate al tooling manufacturing

Analysis of the Manufacturing Process

The analysis phase of the manufacturing process aims among other things to determine the stability or (ease of production) and the manufacturing costs (speed of production). Our goal is to design the product and the tooling for optimal repeatability without reducing or neglecting the production efficiency.
Not only do we aim to generate cost savings within the design stage but also strive to increase speed of assembly on your production floor. Process optimization is an integral part of our offer and we always make sure that our clients benefit from our experience and knowledge.

Existing Product Analysis

Thanks to our expertise, we have been able to help our clients generate significant savings in terms of production and material cost combined with greater stability and ease of assembly.

Quality Control and Criteria

Following the creation of your products, we submit your profiles to a rigorous verification so that the products reflect and correspond to the required criteria. Whether it is to evaluate the integrity within temperature variations, the resistance to impacts, surface finish or even over all straightness, all verifications are applied in a rigorous and structured manner.

Contrôle de qualité test de température


Contrôle de qualité test de vieillisement


Contrôle de qualité test de performance du pvc

PVC performance

Contrôle de qualité test d'esthétisme


A Team of Experts

At Quadra Plast, our team is at the centre of the success of each of our achievements. Bringing together a team that combines knowledge, expertise, and innovation, we strive day after day to offer you the best products on the market and outstanding service. From the analysis phase to the after-sales service, each of our employees play a key role in delivering a high-end results. We have built a reliable and innovative company on values of dedication, professionalism, and passion.
  • Design and Cad services
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Technical service and support
  • Advanced expertise in extrusion and assembly


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Do not hesitate to write us should you have any questions, requests or if you would like additional information on our services. We will be pleased to assist you.

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